Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Weekend Update - on a Wednesday, oh yes!

This weekend was filled with lots of loud Italians screaming, to say the least.

I was working all weekend because during Columbus Day they shut down the street in the Italian neighborhood that I work on and have a big festival/feast. All the Italian-Americans come out and eat sausage and pepper sandwiches, grab a beer and listen to whatever different band is playing at the different street corner. All hands on deck for this weekend, so everyone is working; which makes things so much fun and incredibly entertaining. 

Thankfully, I only had to work two days this weekend - booya! I worked Saturday and had a fun day with all my friends working and goofing off at every chance we could. I grabbed some grub with my girl Casey and we sat and watched our valet friend scramble parking cars on the gridlocked side streets. Oh, and listening in on their moronic conversations via walkie-talkie; our channel walkie-talkie picked up theirs and we got to here them talking to each other. Let me just tell you: men are easily amused humans.

Sunday I had the pleasure - nervous pleasure - to throw my mom a surprise birthday party. First, let me tell you how hard this was because I live with the woman. But, thanks to the help of my amazing partners in crime; my cousin Rachel, our friend Lena and my Aunty Caroline, we managed to pull this thing off! My mom was totally surprised and she ended up having a really nice time at the party. She was mad at me that I spent all my money, but she enjoyed herself for once in a long time and I was glad that I could have given her a good day to remember.

Monday was a busy day at work, and the only good thing about the day was that I was sprung a half hour early and I got walk around the actual feast with Casey and she grabbed some food and we spent some time with our favorite boys and I spent my night watching The Voice. So, that's how I spent my holiday - working.  

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