Thursday, November 21, 2013

Don't do it....wait, nevermind.

Do you ever do something that you immediately regret right after this action is done? Yeah, that's pretty much my life in nutshell: doing things I shouldn't, but do anyway. I always end up kicking myself in the butt, having less money than I started with or crying at my computer screen. I will just never, ever learn my lesson. Well, maybe someday. Eh, probably not. But, here's to wishful thinking. 

( hello awful photo circa two summers ago! )

I really shouldn't order anything larger than a small when it comes to lattes at Dunkin. I always end up taking a few sips and going to class or heading to work and forgetting that the stupid drink I paid close to four bucks for is now all watered down from melted ice. 

I really shouldn't ever think it's ever a good idea to enter the Target dollar section without spending atleast twenty bucks on stuff that you really didn't need. But I really needed those six packs of thank you cards

I really shouldn't enjoy "23" by Miley Cyrus. But, get like me.

I really shouldn't eat anything four hours before eating Chinese food. Whenever I have a craving I always get so excited and think my stomach will be able to clean up the whole plate, but then I end up eating lunch and ruining my race to see the bottom of my sweet and sour chicken plate. 

I really shouldn't watch those stupid wedding viral videos that always have the tag line "get your tissues ready" because I always think that I can handle it, and I end up bawling like a baby. If you don't wanna cry (I'm lying), watch this one; it's the most recent one that had me sobbing. 

I really shouldn't procrastinate. Oh look, a squirrel....

I really shouldn't kid myself into thinking that I am actually going to make anything that is on my food board on Pinterest. Ain't nobody got time for that...unless it's a two ingredient cookie recipe, then I am all over that like white on rice. Goodbye Friday night with friends, hello oven!

I really shouldn't think that my post ideas are cute and clever, cause they really aren't. Oh, who am I kidding, I am flippin' brilliant. *insert hair flip*

I am going to try and not do anything that seems like a bad idea.
Ha, now that seems like a bad idea in itself. 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

It's not even Thanksgiving yet.

We are a week shy from Thanksgiving and I have already made my list and checked it twice - and probably three or four more times after that, just to be sure I wasn't forgetting anyone. Yes, my friends, I am venturing out in the world of overly decorated stores that want me to drop major bank on gifts for people that I love. Gosh, I have to keep reminding myself of that; "You love these people, Marissa, don't cry as you hand the cashier your money, you will make your friends and family happy." Today is my day that I can set aside a substantial amount of time and go out into the malls for all the Christmas gifts I need to buy. Ouh.

I know that I am not going to have time to buy my gifts at any other point in the future because I have the last few weeks of the semester of school, then exam week and in between all that I will be working crazy, mandatory holiday hours at work, and after hell shifts like that, I won't want to be doing anything after work other than taking a bubble bath and knocking out. So, I gotta do it all at once. Kill all the birds with one stone, so to speak.

It's taken me a long time to figure out what exactly to get people. I love giving gifts, and I am usually really good at picking out an awesome gift for people, it's just this year I was getting really, really stumped. Then, insert Pinterest. I have been pinning things to my holiday board and smiling at my screen knowing that I am going to put together some pretty crafty gifts. Now, I can't share with you what they are because I have sneaky sneaky friends who read my blog (hello there, my minions). But, now that I have direction and I am so excited to go out and execute these gifts. Bang-boom! 

Here's to Christmas shopping. Bah-humbug. 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Good Vibrations.

I have been having some pretty enlightening conversations with my friends lately, and I couldn't be happier that we are now all on the same page with things. We all got to catch up and get a little more insight into each other's lives and understand each other better. Sometimes you just need to sit around with your girlfriends and cry over your chips and queso at Chili's. Yes, I did that. 

I got together with one of my friends who is away at school in Boston and we had lunch and talked about a few different things. We both are going through similar things, on different extents, but similar. We are both going throw an experience of sadness, depression and some type of loss. We got to be sad about it together and then we both talked about how we need to start to appreciate the small victories in life. Like she said, "my biggest victory is getting through the day." I thought about that and I just sat there for a moment and really let that sink in. 

We both decided that we are going to start focusing on the positive. Everyday we have talked and every morning I have sent her a different happy, spunky, upbeat song and she told me that she had deleted all the sad songs off her iPod and kept everything positive. We are both trying to keep the positive energy flowing and trying to have the right mindset and not get ourselves down about things. 


I am trying to live every day with focusing on the good things, no matter how silly or stupid they may be, such as getting a medium drink from Dunkin for 99 cents because I had a coupon, or getting a grin from a special someone. It's all about making it through the day with one small victory at a time.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Little Things.

It's a Friday, and let's face it. I have had class all week, I am currently under the influence of about zero caffeine and I have no ideas left in my brain because my English professor sucked them all out of me. Oopps, sorry, guys. 

I have been thinking about the little things that make me happy lately. Considering I have been a roller coaster of emotions lately - just ask my friends, they will nervously agree - I am taking a minute to appreciate the positives. Breathe out the bad, breathe in the coffee...I mean, the good.

I want to not only be someone who can be counted on for getting the job done but also someone who can enjoy the process of getting there.

1 // When your best friends know you are having a bad day and one buys you a cookie as you are angrily typing away at your computer, and the other carries your purse, laptop and backpack through the rain when you are about to have a mental break down over a paper not printing.

2 // Dunkin Donuts having their Christmas/Winter flavors out; hello red velvet iced lattes.

3 // Having your favorite contestant on The Voice make it through, and you continue to cheer for him like a proud mama, because he can actually hear you, right...?

4 // Getting a tip from a customer that you have been waiting on for years and years and he has finally realized that you give him the best service and he slips you a five dollar bill, and you automatically know it's going to pay for your coffee in the morning.

5 // Finally getting your blog to look the way you want after working diligently on it for weeks and weeks.

6 // Being recognized at work from a play that you did with a local theater company. #applause

Another little thing that makes me happy?
Linking up with Whitney for....

I wore yoga pants

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Glitzy Playlist: Songs I'm Diggin'.

I have been obsessed with iTunes Radio, now that I finally got my iPhone to function after that whole iOS7 nonsense; it quite literally took me a month to get my phone back to normal. Geeze, they don't make it easy. But, never the less, I got it working and I got my iTunes Radio jammin' and I can't stop. Just call me Miley.

I have been lovin' the Justin Timberlake station, because I enjoy driving around with the music varying from JT, to Usher, to Drake. Wanna know a top secret? I am a closet Drake fanatic. Moving on...I love jammin' to some good jams when I am driving around town or chilling out after a full night of baking. Gosh, I know, I am leading the wild life. Don't be jelly. 

So, I decided to share with you my new fave jams that my iTunes Radio has been sharing with me. Sharing is caring.

For all you awesomelicious people who you use Spotifiy, you can listen to my playlist in your library!

I will see you around these parts tomorrow, have a good Thursday, peeps.