Thursday, November 7, 2013

Glitzy Playlist: Songs I'm Diggin'.

I have been obsessed with iTunes Radio, now that I finally got my iPhone to function after that whole iOS7 nonsense; it quite literally took me a month to get my phone back to normal. Geeze, they don't make it easy. But, never the less, I got it working and I got my iTunes Radio jammin' and I can't stop. Just call me Miley.

I have been lovin' the Justin Timberlake station, because I enjoy driving around with the music varying from JT, to Usher, to Drake. Wanna know a top secret? I am a closet Drake fanatic. Moving on...I love jammin' to some good jams when I am driving around town or chilling out after a full night of baking. Gosh, I know, I am leading the wild life. Don't be jelly. 

So, I decided to share with you my new fave jams that my iTunes Radio has been sharing with me. Sharing is caring.

For all you awesomelicious people who you use Spotifiy, you can listen to my playlist in your library!

I will see you around these parts tomorrow, have a good Thursday, peeps.

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