Friday, November 8, 2013

Little Things.

It's a Friday, and let's face it. I have had class all week, I am currently under the influence of about zero caffeine and I have no ideas left in my brain because my English professor sucked them all out of me. Oopps, sorry, guys. 

I have been thinking about the little things that make me happy lately. Considering I have been a roller coaster of emotions lately - just ask my friends, they will nervously agree - I am taking a minute to appreciate the positives. Breathe out the bad, breathe in the coffee...I mean, the good.

I want to not only be someone who can be counted on for getting the job done but also someone who can enjoy the process of getting there.

1 // When your best friends know you are having a bad day and one buys you a cookie as you are angrily typing away at your computer, and the other carries your purse, laptop and backpack through the rain when you are about to have a mental break down over a paper not printing.

2 // Dunkin Donuts having their Christmas/Winter flavors out; hello red velvet iced lattes.

3 // Having your favorite contestant on The Voice make it through, and you continue to cheer for him like a proud mama, because he can actually hear you, right...?

4 // Getting a tip from a customer that you have been waiting on for years and years and he has finally realized that you give him the best service and he slips you a five dollar bill, and you automatically know it's going to pay for your coffee in the morning.

5 // Finally getting your blog to look the way you want after working diligently on it for weeks and weeks.

6 // Being recognized at work from a play that you did with a local theater company. #applause

Another little thing that makes me happy?
Linking up with Whitney for....

I wore yoga pants

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