Thursday, November 14, 2013

Good Vibrations.

I have been having some pretty enlightening conversations with my friends lately, and I couldn't be happier that we are now all on the same page with things. We all got to catch up and get a little more insight into each other's lives and understand each other better. Sometimes you just need to sit around with your girlfriends and cry over your chips and queso at Chili's. Yes, I did that. 

I got together with one of my friends who is away at school in Boston and we had lunch and talked about a few different things. We both are going through similar things, on different extents, but similar. We are both going throw an experience of sadness, depression and some type of loss. We got to be sad about it together and then we both talked about how we need to start to appreciate the small victories in life. Like she said, "my biggest victory is getting through the day." I thought about that and I just sat there for a moment and really let that sink in. 

We both decided that we are going to start focusing on the positive. Everyday we have talked and every morning I have sent her a different happy, spunky, upbeat song and she told me that she had deleted all the sad songs off her iPod and kept everything positive. We are both trying to keep the positive energy flowing and trying to have the right mindset and not get ourselves down about things. 


I am trying to live every day with focusing on the good things, no matter how silly or stupid they may be, such as getting a medium drink from Dunkin for 99 cents because I had a coupon, or getting a grin from a special someone. It's all about making it through the day with one small victory at a time.

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